Mt. Ida Micro Grant Program

Phi Sigma Kappa's committment to the Troy community

About the Grant:

As neighbors dedicated to the growth, improvement and future of the Mt. Ida community, Phi Sigma Kappa at RPI is sponsoring a $50,000 grant program to improve the “quality of life” in the Mt. Ida neighborhood. Home-owners, landlords, business owners and not-for-profits, will be eligible to apply for a grant up to the amount of $1,000 for the purpose of:


Any of the following individuals, businesses, or organizations who live and/or work in or near the Mt. Ida Micro Grant target area are eligible to apply. Although not shown on the map, Mt Ida Cemetery is included in the target area. Those who are eligible include, but are not limited to:

Mt. Ida Region Map

Grant Categories:

The maximum grant award to any individual, business, or organization is $1,000. Applicant funding requests will be as follows:

Project Examples and Previous Winners:

The money has to be used on projects or programs that improve the quality of life in the Mt Ida Neighborhood. Here are some projects/programs that qualify:

Below are some of the completed projects from the 2018 Mt. Ida Micro Grant recipients:

Mt. Ida Cemetery gravestone restoration

Pinnacle Recruiting outdoor bike pumps

How to Apply:

Begin your application today! Download all of the necessary resources below: