"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

This is the Golden Rule, the motto of which all Phi Sigs live by. The Golden Rule signifies the need for helping our fellow man and a commitment to high standards and ideals.

One of the underlying objectives of “fraternity” is to develop the individual member as a whole person. As Brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa, we do this via our Cardinal Principles (see below), which are encapsulated by the Golden Rule.

The Cardinal Principles

Phi Sigma Kappa was founded upon three basic Cardinal Princples

To Promote Brotherhood

Justice, harmony, and brotherly love are essential to the spirit of fraternity. We promise to set an example of true brotherhood not only in our relations with each other, but in our association with people everywhere.

To Stimulate Scholarship

Wisdom comes with learning. Complementing the mission of higher education, we seek to help our members to combine formal and informal learning experience; to more fully appreciate the importance of both theoretical and practical knowledge; and, by broadening their understanding of human relationships, to produce men of wisdom who will be better prepared to make positive contributions to society and all mankind.

To Develop Character

Honor is the basis of fraternal relationships. We resolve to instill in each member a devotion to those values which will guide him to ends that are noble and right, so that in all that he represents and in all that he does, he shall be known as a man of honor who inspires others by his example and thus wins admiration and respect for himself and for Phi Sigma Kappa.

Service and Phi Sigma Kappa

A glimpse at our dedication to the community

The Special Olympics

Phi Sigma Kappa's national service project

Every semester, we seek to volunteer with the Special Olympics. In the past, we've volunteered at Softball, Bowling, and Volleyball tournaments

Mt. Ida Micro Grant Program

Our committment to the Troy community

As neighbors dedicated to the growth, improvement, and future of the Mt. Ida community, Phi Sigma Kappa sponsors a grant program to improve the “quality of life” in the local neighborhood. Each year, 10 homeowners and/or business owners can receive a grant of up to $1000 for various renovation projects

Food Pantry

Assisting at the Mt. Ida Community Food Pantry

In addition to our Micro Grant program, we also have Brothers volunteer at the Food Pantry on a weekly basis. Most weekends brothers stocked shelves and walked families through pantry giving them the allowed amount of food they are allowed to take.

Phi Sig Frydays

Fried food for all!

Class got you stressed out? Need a quick snack before your next exam? Well, have some fried oreos! In the Fall of 2018, Phi Sig pioneered Phi Sig Frydays. We set up a table on campus for the purpose of selling tasty fried food. All proceeds are donated to the Special Olympics.

And so much more!

Our service is not limited to the aforementioned projects. We also participate in school functions like Greek Carnival and Relay for Life, and are always eager to work with clubs and other chapters to co-sponsor events.

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